Friday, 8 August 2008

Still Waiting....

Today my dad went on one of his ritual morning time walks. But this time Reg's boat was finally gone. He was out taking across his first position swimmer. That meant good news for us. We had a very good chance of going out tomorrow. So in preparation for our possible swim we stayed in all day. Of course we did our morning swim and it was a very beautiful day for a crossing. (Lucky other person!) We watched the Olympic Opening ceremony which lasted like five hours. There were 204 different countries represented at the games and over 10,000 athletes. Since we're in the UK the announcers were all speaking from British perspective which was different for us. I didn't care for the announcer much because she kept bringing up negative things about China and their relations with other countries and about the controversies surrounding the games. The Olympics should be about uniting and forgetting about the politics that are invovled. The games are really inspiring and exciting to watch. I'm glad that I'll have something to watch whilst recovering from my swim. It's also really neat because open water swimming is making a debut at this Olympics. I'll definitely be watching that! Hopefully they'll allow more competitors in the following years because I definitely would love to participate in that! Unfortunately we called Reg at eight and we will not be going out tomorrow! :( The wind picked up...So we are still anxiously waiting for our swim to commence.



Hey Delia !

I love the way you write, you should do it more often. You could write me, like you used when you were a little girl.
Here in New York, I'm thinking about you and I'm hoping that when I get home to read your Blog you 'll have been on your way. But the good thing about that is, there's a time for everything. This should be the time for you to immerse yourself and meditate on your swim and your time will come.
I'm thinking about you, love you !


Anonymous said...

hey delia u probably dun remember me, but i'm josh the kinda new/old kid on bears, (the little azn one) and just wanted to show sum support and go represent bears out dere, iight see u when u get bak.


Allen L said...

You, go, Delia! :-)

Leore, you too!

Hope both of you have fun out in the Channel!! I can't wait to see your GPS path!!


Paddy said...

Bobby and I are anxiously waiting for your turn in the channel. Your the first word out of our lips when we talk to each other, "have you heard from Delia yet?? Most channel aspirants that we have helped have said that waiting is the toughest. Nothing we could do to help you prepare for that. Just keep trying to concentrate on each moment one moment at a time. I have been telling a lot of people at the club about you and they are very interested in you. I've run across a few of the people that I have helped in years past and I have told them that I have never met a more focused swimmer before. I hope I didn't offend them. Oh well the truth can hurt sometime.

Orosco's said...

we're not sure if you received our previous message since we keep picking up different web pages... anyway we love you, we are praying for you and we think you are awesome !!!! Orosco clan

Ana said...

Delia - we are so excited for you and hope that you get to go out soon! Hey, if you go out on Monday the 11th, it'll be my birthday, so that would be fun! Kisses and hugs to all of you, we are rooting for you!

Ana, Tao, Ben, Ahmi & Snowy

jensons said...


Greta says "happy swimming"!