Sunday, 10 August 2008

Bee Stings and Sandcastles!

Today would have been a horrible day for swim across the channel. The wind was churning the water every which way. We went to swim at the "Sunny Sands. " It sure was Sunny AND Sandy. The wind would blow the sand into your eyes and it felt like knives when it cut into your legs. We still had to do our our ritual practice swim in the horrible weather. Our arms turned into icicles with the freezing wind/water combination. After subjecting ourselves to an hour in the water we got out to build a sandcastle. The City of Folkestone was holding a sandcastle contest. We entered ourselves as the "Bezerkeley Builders." We built a masterpiece we called "La Casa de los Tiburones" or "The House of Sharks." We made a castle with a huge shark head coming out of the middle. The walls housed other sharks and starfish. There were a lot of great submissions including one shaped like the Loch Ness monster, a sphinx, an otupus , some mermaids and an automobile. We only got runner up :( but it clearly should have won. Whilst getting our medal, I somehow got stung by a bee. I was literally just standing there and all of the sudden I felt a stinging sensation. Oddly enough the bee was pretty much split in half when I finally noticed it. My finger swelled up like a sausage despite my immediate dosage of benadryl. I went home to take a bath to help scrape off the layer of salt and sand. And unfortunately I found out that I wouldn't be able to swim tomorrow because my pilot didn't think it would be a good idea. So I'm still here waiting to swim.


tom_w said...

The bee sting is a good thing!! It's an omen. Remember that Kara got a spider bite just before she crossed.

The greater bay area is rooting for you Delia!

Jil said...

Amongst your many talents, you are an awesome writer! Thank you for documenting this amazing journey for all to share!

Brenda said...

Hello Delia and Leore and family,
I have been enjoying your blog and thinking of you all. I hope you will post pictures of that Sand
Castle. Sounds really nice.

I am keeping you in my thoughts for that big day.
Hugs to you all, Brenda

nancytuck said...

Dear Delia - As we watch the Olympics in the evenings, our thoughts are still with you. We send "good weather" prayers your way! Natalie says she is happy to trade our weather for England's (but just for a day :)) so that you can get to your swim! Hang in there... Nancy (for Natalie) Otter Swim Club

Willard said...

Ce qui est très grand sur la Grande-Bretagne? ... Pas le temps. Depuis la Reine mère est morte et David Beckam gauche, ils sont un peu mélangés.

jensons said...


Sounds like respite time is a good thing. We are on the edge of our seats...rah rah sis boom baa!

Say hi to your family and Grand ma J & G Pa for us


Savannah said...

Hi Delia!!! Good luck! I hope you have fun! I can't wait to hear all about it! Say hi to Leore and everyone!

Parker said...

All of us at BHS are rooting for you!