Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Still Here. Still Waiting.

I definitely know that I won't be going out in the next couple of days because the wind is gusting at 40 mph. That makes it nearly impossible to swim because it creates large waves and the wind is incredibly cold. So yesterday I went swimming in a nearby pool so I could get in a legitimate swim. The pool was so warm, and it was weird to swim in because it was 25 meters not 25 yards. I think the heat definitely did not help out my bee sting. My hand seemed to be more swollen than before. I took more benadryl to reduce the swelling and itching which essentially knocked me out for the rest of the day. We saw the new Batman movie later that night, let me just say it was a pretty good movie and that Heath Ledger played an incredibly creepy Joker. Today it was even windier than yesterday. We just swam for about 20 mins, just to feel out the water temperature. The Gellers went to Stonehenge for the rest of the day, whilst we are still here in Folkstone waiting for the weather to change.


Brenda said...

Sorry you are having to wait. Hope your finger feels better soon.

tom_w said...

Hang in there Delia. I find that ice cream is good for bee stings. Seriously though, it must be challenging to play the waiting game. It's not something that you train for. Many of us know what if feels like the night before a big swim. To experience such a night for seven nights in a row is unimaginable. It will make your accomplishment all the more worthy. I suspect that once you are in the water all will be ok. At least I know I'll feel better. :-)

Wishing you all the best!!!



The waiting game.

In my entire career as a dancer that is one thing that I never had to experience. Although, while I toured, always made time for myself. I used to get to the theatre at least an hour before every body else and just stand on the stage. I'd look at all the seats, sit on the floor, warm up, lay down, whatever it took for me to get to know the space better.
I know where your at, it's really not the same. but I think that you could use the same principles there. Look out into the sea, study it, smell it, talk to it and become one with it.
Feel the sand beneath your toes, so when the time comes and it will, then it will feel like home.
Enjoy this moment, this is the beginning of a great adventure !!

Love ya, Kim

Linda said...

Hi Delia! I'm a fan and t-shirt wearer who read about you in the SF Chronicle. What happens if you don't go out by the 13th, does your window expire or do you get a weather extension? Best of luck! Linda

Annette said...

Hi Delia,
I'm sorry to learn that you have not yet been able to do your crossing; the weather must be discouraging. I have done lots of open water swimming and I know how tough it is to swim against chop! Glad to know about your blog and I will be following it and hoping for the best of luck for you!
Annette (your neighbor)

Willard Wyszpolski said...

Est ce que un petit dauphin sur les rives de Calais?

Allen L said...

You can fly some kites while waiting... I'm wondering whether the kites can stand the 40mph wind.. :-)