Saturday, 9 August 2008

Dover Castle Adventure

Today as usual we went on our morning swim. It was really choppy. So I am glad that we didn't end up going out. We did a lot more of body surfing than actual swimming. Afer lunch it started to rain as predicted by the very reliable weather people. Leore, Jasper and I being die-hard gelato fans still got some post-lunch gelato despite the windy atmosphere. I think people were staring at us, but that's not new, they always stare at the Americans. We decided to take our chances at Dover castle. Dover castlewas soooooo windy because it was at the top of a hill. Of course I didn't have a rain jacket so the parts that were outside were pretty miserable. The castle was pretty neat. Really drafty. Would have been FREEZING! in the middle ages. There also were tunnels that were used in the wars such as the Napoleonic wars and WWII. They made all of these tunnels to house troops in case of an attack. Some of the tunnels are under water too. But after we had an Dover castle adventure we came back to our beloved hotel for dinner. And we called the pilot at 8 as usual. And we are not going out to swim tomorrow because it is too windy. So hopefully tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed! Thanks for all the comments of encouragement!


michael said...

Okay, I have contacts with the right people and I will arrange to have the weather just right for you in two days. I hope all's well and you (Delia) were the talk of a party at Maw and Mats's last night. Well, SOME of the talk...I'm thinking maybe an even more oh-so veddy Breeteesh first name other than Reginald might bring you better luck: are there any Ians around? Jeremys? Nigels? You might wanna look into it.

I visited Dover Castle a few years ago, and it was cold, windy, and suffused with history. I thought it was beautiful. The caves were amazing! I just had to write my name on the walls with a can of spray-paint. I was that moved.

love to each and every Salomon!

Amy said...

Hey Delia--I'm wearing my fish shirt!

I don't know about the Olympics in England, but I'm getting a Michael Phelps overload back here in the States. When you're not watching him on TV, you're hearing about him on the radio. Anyways, I miss you guys and wish you luck.

I found a Lego sword in my bag. Sorry Anakin!

Shannon said...

Hey Delia--
I will wear my DT (Delia t-shirt) today, Sunday, and send you lots of ease patience. I'm think of you and your family every day and wish you all the best.

Can't wait to read a report about the crossing---I'll bet you can't wait to write it!

Enjoy it all!
Shannon in San Francisco